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Golden_Circle_Show_Bill 2018.pdf

Start time shows will be 9a.m. in Sedalia and 10a.m. in Warrensburg
April 14th (Benefit Show, Double Points, No Payback) ~
July 7th (Double Judged, Buckle Blowout) ~ September 1st ~
October 6th (Double Points) will be held in Sedalia
at the State Fair Coliseum.
May 19th ~ June 9th will be held in Warrensburg
at the Johnson County Fairgrounds off 50 Hwy.

Class Fees: $4.00 per class except 100% Classes $9.00 ~ $1.00 Office Charge per Class Non-Member fee : $1.00 extra per class ~ $3.00 Gate Charge per rider collected at entry booth 80% Payback to 4 places ~ Ribbons to 5th ~ Current negative Coggins required (will be checked at every show) ~ Entries close 7 classes ahead ~ Concessions on grounds ~ OCAP and APHA PAC Approved Circuit ~ Helmets will be mandatory in running events for ages 18 and Under. ~

1.  Pony Halter, Open. 14 hands and under
2.  Halter 2 years and under, Open
3.  Halter Quarter Horse 3 and over, AQHA Rules
4.  Halter Paint/Pinto/Appaloosa 3 and over, APHA, OCAP, and ApHC Rules
5.  Halter Saddle Type 3 and over
6.  Performance Halter, 2 and over, Open
7.  Walk-Trot Showmanship, 9 and under, Open***#
8. Walk-Trot Showmanship, 10-18, Open***#
9.  Walk-Trot Showmanship, 19 and over, Open***#
10. Showmanship 13 and under, Open#
11. Showmanship 14—18, Open#
12. Showmanship 19 and over, Open#
13. Yearling Longe-Line, Open
14. Therapeutic Lead-Line 6 and over, with handler, English Attire Permitted, Open.
15. Therapeutic Walk/Trot, with or without handler, English Attire Permitted,any age rider, Open.
16. Lead-Line 3-8,English Attire Permitted, Open**#
17. Walk-Whoa 3-8, English Attire Permitted, Open**#
30 MINUTE BREAK—Open Arena
18. 100% Walk-Trot Hunter/English Under Saddle, any age rider***
19. 100% Hunter/English Under Saddle, any age rider, Open
20. Walk-Trot Hunter/English Under Saddle 9 and under, Open***
21. Walk-Trot Hunter/English Under Saddle 10-18, Open***
22.Walk-Trot Hunter/English Under Saddle 19 and over, Open***
23. Saddle Type Hunter/English Under Saddle, any age rider
24. Hunter Under Saddle 13 and under, stock type
25. Hunter Under Saddle 14—18, stock type
26. Hunter Under Saddle 19 and over, stock type
27. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat/English Equitation 9 and under, Open***#
28. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat/English Equitation 10-18, Open***#
29.Walk-Trot Hunt Seat/English Equitation 19 and over, Open***#
30. Hunt Seat/English Equitation 13 and under, Open#
31. Hunt Seat/English Equitation 14—18, Open#
32. Hunt Seat/English Equitation 19 and over, Open#
33. Road Hack, Any Age Horse and Rider, Open
30 MINUTE BREAK—Open Arena
34. Walk-Trot Pony Pleasure, 14 hands and under, English Attire Permitted, Walk-Optional Gait, Open, can cross over to canter classes
35. Jack Benny/Mae West Walk-Trot Pleasure 39 and over, English Attire Permitted, Open. Can cross over to canter classes#
36. Select Walk/Trot Pleasure 50 and over, English Attire Permitted, Open. Can cross over to canter classes
37. Walk-Trot Horsemanship 9 and under, Open***#
38. Walk-Trot Horsemanship 10—18, Open***#
39. Walk-Trot Horsemanship 19 and over, Open***#
40. Horsemanship 13 and under, Open#
41. Horsemanship 14—18, Open#
42. Horsemanship 19 and over, Open#
10 MINUTE BREAK—Open Arena
43. Open Walk/Trot Western Pleasure—Non Point—Can cross over to canter classes
44. 100% Walk-Trot Western Pleasure, any age horse and rider, Open***
45. Walk-Trot Western Pleasure 9 and under, Open***
46. Walk-Trot Western Pleasure 10—18, Open***
47. Walk-Trot Western Pleasure 19 and over, Open***
48. Saddle Type Western Pleasure, any age horse and rider
49. 100% Western Pleasure, any age horse and rider, Open
50. Junior Western Pleasure, horse 5 years and under, any age rider, Open
51. Senior Western Pleasure, horse 6 years and over, any age rider, Open
52. Western Pleasure 13 and under, stock type
53. Western Pleasure 14—18, stock type
54. Western Pleasure 19 and over, stock type
55. Ranch Riding, AQHA Rules, horse in ineligible for all Western Pleasure classes except
classes 34-47, rider limited to 1 entry in class
56. Reining, any age rider, open
57. Egg and Spoon, any age rider, Open
58. 100% Prorated Pole Bending, any age rider, Open
59. Pole Bending 13 and under, Open
60. Pole Bending 14—18, Open
61. Pole Bending 19 and over, Open
62. 100% prorated Barrel Race, any age rider, Open
63. Barrel Race 13 and under, Open
64. Barrel Race 14—18, Open
65. Barrel Race 19 and over, Open
66. 100% Prorated Flag Race, any age rider, Open
67. Flag Race 18 and under, Open
68. Flag Race 19 and over, Open
69. Down and Back, any age rider, Open
70. Keyhole Race, any age rider, Open

For more information please visit or our club Facebook page for updates. For Question please contact Chris Simon at 660-864-4850 or
Laveda Hrezik at 660-723-3816.

#Points go to the rider, all other classes points go to the horse
***Riders are ineligible for any loping class, except running events (unless the rider is 65 or older). **Riders are ineligible for any other riding class. Can show in halter and Walk Trot Showmanship 9 and under. Stallions may not be shown by anyone 18 years and under in any classes except 2 years and under Halter. GCHSC, Sedalia State Fairgrounds, and Johnson County Fairgrounds and anyone connected to the show accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or injury on or around the facility. Proper show attire required for all classes.

Chris Simon
376 NW 200 Rd.
Warrensburg, Mo 64093

1st Vice President:
Laveda Hrezik
36611 Hwy M
Mora, MO 65345

2nd Vice President:
Cindy Wood
66015 Smith Creek Rd
Clarksburg, MO 65025

Janice Klenke
10203 Range Line Rd
Houstonia, Mo 65333

Lisa Henley
1336 NW 1531
Blairstown, Mo 64726

Point Recorder:
Mike Riese
1308 Hollandale Dr.
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Colin Munley
30 NW 515 Rd
Warrensburg, Mo 64093

Director at Large:
Billi Riese
1308 Hollandale Dr.
Warrensburg,MO 64093

E-Mail All Officers: